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Due to the various rules and regulations governing the credit repair industry the sign up process for our pay after deletion program takes 4 steps, to get through each step you should fill out the forms and submit the information. When you submit the form in step 1 you will be brought to step 2 and so on, Once you complete step 4 you will be brought to a page that tells you what the next steps are.

Step 1 - Provide Basic Client Information (This Page See Below)
Step 2 - Provide Initial Payment Information (Jump To This Section)
Step 3 - Choose and Provide Credit Monitoring Information (Jump To This Section)
Step 4 - Provide ID Documentation (Jump To This Section)
Step 5 - Next Steps - What happens after everything is provided? (Jump To This Section)

NOTE: All of these forms are SECURED for your protection

NOTE: Fees are as follows

$149 Setup/First Work Fee (Refundable If $100 Deletion Fees Not Developed in 6-9 Months/Cycles)
$25 Technical Data Deletions Per Item Per Bureau (Old/Outdated Names/Addresses/Etc)
$35 Standard Deletions Per Item Per Bureau (All negative items excluding public records)
$150 Judgment Deletions Per Item Per Bureau
$250 Tax Lien/Bankruptcy Deletion Per Item Per Bureau (includes paid or unpaid)

NOTE: Expectations

It is illegal for a credit repair company to guarantee or estimate any specific results, scores, or time frames. We DO NOT guarantee ANY specific results, deletions, scores, and/or time frames as we do not have any direct access or control over your credit reporting
. Any result samples or estimations provided are based on past results. Past Performance Does Not A Guarantee Future Results.

If you feel that our representative has mislead you in any way with regards to expectations please let us know as we strive to be 100% compliant and do not authorize any representative to make any misleading statements for any reason
Step 1 - Basic Client Information (This information is required in order to properly create your dispute letters.)
This form and other step forms are SECURED for your protection (see HTTPS in URL)